All you need to know about renting a car

The process of obtaining a rented car:


  1. You show your driving license, passport and give a printout of the reservation. Be sure to comply with the requirements for renting a car in Colorado.

  1. The manager draws up the rent and provides all the necessary documents that should be signed. Be sure to carefully read everything, including sub-paragraphs, footnotes, and clarifications in small print. These documents indicate everything about the procedure for receiving and returning the car, deposit, insurance and much more. If the documents are in a language unfamiliar to you, ask for the English version.


  1. Getting a car. Be sure to carefully inspect the car for any damage, including the smallest scratches, so that later you will not pay for them.

  1. The selected car may not be available. In this case, large rental agencies often provide alike cars, or of a higher class. If you are faced with this situation, make sure that the car suits you.


  1. If there was any force majeure, or you had an accident, immediately contact the distributor – you will be told there what to do next.

  1. When returning the car, make sure that the rental agency manager inspects the car with you and issues a document confirming that it was returned in its original look. This document is best kept for at least a month after the end of the lease.


  1. If the car has to be handed over during off-hours, then you need to leave it at a special parking lot, and put the keys and documents in the designated box. You need to take a picture of the car so that the actual date and some clear reference point are visible: for example, a rental agency sign.


  1. The level of gasoline in the tank on the return of the car should be the same as at the time of getting it: if there is less gasoline, you may be charged extra. That is, if you rented a car with a full tank, you need to return it fully refilled.

For navigating the traffic rules, the signs, which are duplicated with inscriptions, will help you. Speed ​​limits are written in miles. When using a car rental in the US, remember that in most states it is forbidden to talk on the phone while driving.

Are You Raw Foodist? Don’t Miss Most Friendly Vegan Eats in Denver!

What a lucky moment! Vegetarian cafes and restaurants grow up here and there in the city. All people, who are devoted to raw or vegetarian cuisine, feel happy because of a big variety of new eating places and low prices for dishes there. If you find one, come in and don’t be shy! Don’t worry. If you know nothing about the city, car rental DEN services will help you with a good speedy car. GPS navigation leads you straight to the restaurant. So, you need to learn their names first. What are they, the best places to eat raw and vegetarian food in Denver?

Ananda Fuara Restaurant, San Francisco



This bright and sunny cafe is located on the South-East of Denver. If you want to find the best of the best 100% vegetarian cafe, you are at the address. The service here is buffet lunch. Of course, you can try dishes of different countries here, but Indian dishes are especially popular. All dishes are fresh and tasty. You should try their home-made pastry. It’s a unique combination of spicy and sweet.


ГорLooking for a good vegetarian place to eat at night, welcome to the City. That’s amazing, but the cafe really works till late. But if you don’t like night eats, it’s ok! The City is also good for the early breakfast. How about a portion of vegetarian wafers, and other vegetable dishes+aromatic coffee in addition.

Comptoir veggie



This is the most popular place in Denver Uptown. Their menu is very attractive for any vegetarian diet, even for the most unusual one. There are few dishes you should try: vegetarian dessert. Nevertheless, you can pick one of attractive proposals. You will definitely come back here again and again. By the way, you have a chance to have weekly sales!


The concept of the restaurant is using season and fresh ingredients only. This can be the best choice of you prefer raw eating. If you want to try something new, come here on Tuesday. This is a day of Raw Food Tuesday. You can enjoy the taste of vegetarian dinner of four dishes.

Natural Café, Santa Maria, California



If often happens that you cannot find a good place to eat on the beach or in the near beach territory. The territory of the South-West part of Denver is really hot. Of course, there is no sea access here, but you still need to find a good place to eat and drink to refresh. What to order? You should try fruits mixed with berries, seeds, cocoa bean, and others. Smoothie is worth trying. It is especially good for lunch to give you energy for the next part of the day.

Cocktails mit Mango, Orange und Eis


This funny cafe is specialized in fresh juices and cocktails, and 100% organic vegetarian snacks. You can develop your detox program here. There are many fruit combo you can mix according to your taste and diet. Try salad or vegetable sandwich! Seriously, food and drinks from The Beet will never make you forget about this unique and friendly place.


The restaurant was born many years ago when 4 friends wanted to take their families for lunch. They couldn’t find a good place for that and started their own business. The Kitchen was born in love. Now, looking for comfort, modern American food, and vegetarian menu, welcome to Four Friends. In addition to main dishes, you can order gluten-free diet. Do fried green tomatoes and beignets sound tasty? Stay away from the long lines here on weekend.

Resham, North Finchley, London



This is a small cafe and shop all together. Traditionally, you can order coffee, porridge, and fresh juice. The porridge here is served with different vegetarian fillers. Try Caramel Apple: a combination of caramel souse, peanuts, raisins, and green apples. Ta-da! Your boring porridge becomes a unique and mouth-watering dish! Make your morning special!




This bar is situated in the region of LoDo. You can have fast, healthy, and protein dishes for breakfast. Wow! The menu looks like a recipe book. You can see how many calories, proteins, and carbonates you take when order one or another dish. What is more, you can find gluten-free and vegetarian dishes. So, what can TPB boast with? This is a variety of cream vegetarian cocktails, salads, vegetables and tofu sandwiches. The most popular cocktail that all people like is Fitt Tip! It looks like a real milk shake with chocolate!

Denver is a good city for vegetarians and vegans. It’s not only about cafes and restaurants that you can meet almost at every step. You can find special shops and markets for vegans, like Best Vegetarian Green Chile and Best Vegan Market. But looking for fast and healthy vegetarian food, you can drive your car to one of many cafes from the list above.

Must Visit Places in Denver

Nestled in the base of the Rocky Mountains, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover that while the Mile High City is a hotspot for skiers in the winter, this friendly town gets around 300 days of sunshine every year! Once you’ve popped down to the nearest Avis car rental Denver company, you’re going to want to explore every corner of town. There’s so much to do and see – you’ll definitely keep coming back for more.

Sunrise Over Denver, Colorado

Historical Hotspots You Won’t Want to Miss

If you’re a history buff or culture vulture, you’ll be impressed with the number of interesting landmarks dotted around the city. Even if you’re not politically minded, the Colorado State Capitol building is a great place to start out. Built in the 1890s, this white granite masterpiece with its golden dome was intended to mirror the look of the United States Capitol.


Other landmarks you’ll want to explore include:

Denver Skyline at Sunset

Union Station

An inspiring blend of old and new, this Beaux-Arts transportation hub is one of Denver’s most remarkable architectural landmarks.

MOLLY BROWN HOUSE (Molly Brown House Museum)-1340 Pennsylvania

Molly Brown House

Built in the 1880s, this Victorian gem was the home of “The Unsinkable Molly Brown”, perhaps one of the most well-known Titanic survivors.

Buckhorn Exchange

The Buckhorn Exchange

Serving up Old West fare since 1893, The Buckhorn Exchange is Denver’s oldest steakhouse. The establishment is brimming with historical goodies, including a 575-piece taxidermy collection and a 125-piece gun collection you have to see to believe.

Step Climbing at Red Rocks Amphitheater

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

This rare, acoustically perfect amphitheatre is the only naturally-occurring landmark of its kind. The first official performance was staged in 1906, and it’s been a popular spot for all sorts of performances ever since.

Breakfast of Champions

If there’s one thing you need to remember about Denver, it’s that everyone here loves breakfast! It’s the most important meal of the day, after all. When heading out into the city for your morning pick-me-up, you need to be prepared for a bit of a wait. On the bright side, waitrons around town will keep the coffee flowing; so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Some of Denver’s most popular breakfast places are:

Bacon Social House

This modern restaurant offers amazing brunch treats all day, seven days a week. Give their bacon-chocolate pancakes a try.


Open 7 days a week, this trendy restaurant was the breakfast spot of choice for The MTV Real World Denver cast.

Waffle Bros

What started out as a food cart in the 16th Street Mall is now the ultimate waffle experience.

Breakfast King

If you’re all about the old-world charm of a traditional diner, the wood paneling and vinyl booths at this restaurant will have you feeling right at home.

Mercury Cafe

This cash-only place has a chilled hippie vibe, with live musicians setting a positive tone for the day.

Take Your Time, Make it Count

Instead of rushing from your Denver car rental company to a few key spots, take your time and drive around at your leisure. Indulge in the locals’ love for ice cream by popping in at Bonnie Brae Ice Cream (where you can choose from 80 amazing flavors) before setting off to discover what the city has to offer. From the Downtown Aquarium to the Denver Art Museum, from the Pepsi Center to the Brown Palace Hotel and Spa, there’s no shortage of memorable sites to tour.