Tips for renting a car in Colorado

Anyone, who has ever traveled by car, is unlikely to agree to another type of movement on vacation. Freedom, which the car gives, is not comparable with anything: even the most ordinary places can give a completely new experience, thanks to the opportunity to see them from the other side. If you are driving, the route is not limited to excursions, guides and public transport: you can choose any place and go there at any convenient time. You can drive into small cities where tourists rarely get, stop at the shores of picturesque bays, get out of the car to take pictures of anything you like – isn’t this a dream trip to Colorado?

So here is all information you need to know when planing to get a a car and some tips when you are already renting a car on your trip.


To apply for a car rental in the USA, the following requirements must be met:

  • How old do you have to be to rent a car in Colorado? The driver should be at least 19 years old with driving experience in international law for more than half a year;
  • If the driver’s age is less than 25 years, then when renting a car in the USA, a “young driver’s fee” is paid;
  • International laws are optional;
  • When moving around the United States on a rental car, it is worth considering that some traffic rules, fines, fuel prices, features and parking costs vary from state to state. However, the basics of the rules are almost the same everywhere.

Preparation: how to plan a trip on a rented car in Colorado?

First, you need to understand what you want from the trip. We advise you to think over where and for how long a car will be needed, which route you would like to take, and where it is more convenient and more profitable to travel by foot. There is no single answer to the question of how to plan a road trip. You can go to the Colorado River for a couple of days to explore interesting places and the mighty river. You can take round-trip air tickets to one city, and rent a car on site to travel around the country. You can fly to one point, rent a car, drive on it through several states and leave it in another state.

Before you decide, you should carefully study the following:

  1. The quality of roads along the route and their complexity (it may not be very comfortable to go along the serpentine road, if there was no such experience before).
  2. Toll roads and their cost.
  3. The cost of gasoline at the place, where you go (it is worth considering diesel-powered cars: such cars are more expensive, but you can save money on refueling).
  4. The rules of the road and stories about the real situation on the roads (if everything is more or less clear in Colorado, then in many other states different rules can become a real problem).